Rocky Flintstone;

Welcome to the recipe for Rocky's Crunch & Bella's Surprise Snowballs!

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Rocky's Crunch;

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Belinda smacked her lips,
'Hey Bella... this is super easy to make, pass the syrup!!'
'Belinda, you are a saucy one.... and a cook as well! Can I have that third Mars Bar?'


1 tablespoon of golden syrup;
2ozs (50gms) of butter or margarine;
2 large Mars Bars chopped into large chunks;
Cornflakes or other cereals; Belinda likes cornflakes but it's a matter of taste!


Melt the syrup, butter and Mars bars first in a microwave or on a hob.
If using the hob stir constantly.
If in the microwave take out and stir every 30 seconds or so.

Warning... do not over heat or it will burn.

When the ingredients are melted and mixed, stir in the cornflakes.
Put the mixture onto a lightly greased or lined tin with silicon or greaseproof paper and leave to set.
Cut into individual pieces when cool and eat!

By the way this can make a great birthday cake.
Make it bigger by doubling up the ingredients and shape the melted mixture into the number of the age of the birthday boy or girl!

'OK Belinda, now it's my turn,' said Bella, 'we're going to make my……'

Bella's Surprise Snowballs;

15 marshmallows;
15 digestives biscuits;
Substitute Grahams crackers or Maria cookies in the US
1 small tin of condensed milk;
Desiccated coconut;

Crush the biscuits and add the condensed milk.
Cover the marshmallows in the mixture and then roll each one making a round ball.
Roll the balls in the coconut.

'That's it Belinda, no cooking, just mixing…' said Bella proudly.
'Yum, yum in my tum!' replied Belinda licking her lips…..
'By the way what's the surprise Bella?'
'Ohh Belinda, thats easy, it's the fact that I can make them!!'

jus cookin.......

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