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Hello and Howdy...

I've had many requests through twitter, instagram, facebook for a poster of Belinda Blinked. International cartoonist, Mouldy Wood came up with a fantastic piece of work, so I got my act together and you can wait no more... here's a link to Amazon;

Amazon only supply the UK but I will ship worldwide so just email me at and you can use Paypal to pay. The cost including worldwide shipping is £25.95 GB pounds. As well as the signed and numbered poster you'll also get one of my very dubious autographed business cards... jus promisin... Now as you are a true fan, I will also write a small message... say 6 words on the poster, Sam asked for and got.... "the viper in your tits is omnipresent" not bad..... but you see what I mean!

The live show just keeps getting better.

Here's link to a review of the live show which has now toured Australia, USA, Ireland, UK, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and New Zealand. Our biggest show was at the Royal Albert Hall in central London where 5,400 Belinkers came and saw us. Here's a review of the show in Dublin.

Live show review. Thank you Hugh, I think you've captured the live show exactly! So get your tickets if Team Porno are anywhere near your town.

Our Book My Dad Wrote a Porno is now published in the USA and it's got lots of extra stuff about Belinda Blinked, me and what the porno team really think I writed.... I also explain why my good friends the Yanks could cope with the magnificent Jim Stirling and his..... bits n' pieces... jus sayin. Get it here...

OR if you're in the UK then it's here...

Soooo how did you like the ending of Belinda Blinked 3. Can you wait until August 2018? Well if you're needing some more written material then you can now buy
Belinda Blinked 2 in PAPERBACK.... yes, now there's a really little slippery thing for someones Birthday present! The best thing is there's no ad campaign, so no one really knows about it..... Like the cliff hanger, it'll be a real surprise! Here's the links...
and the UK link is...
I hope you like the new cover, I went a bit up market and as denim is the new sexy thing for 2018 I thought I'd get ahead of the game... The Glee Team defo like it... Bella's gonna try and get a riding suit made out of it; I pity the horse.

So as you know, Belinda Blinked 1 to 3 and the soundcast My Dad Wrote a Porno are all available on for Android and also on itunes.

The ebooks are all on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, B&N and all the usual places. Also don't miss the 'Belinda's Office Xmas Party 2016' episode which is still on sale at but not iTunes... bummer... Don't miss out on the microwaved mulled wine... and mind the pints! mind the pints, as Ken Dewsbury spills his! whoops... spoiler alert!

Click here for My Dad Wrote A Porno and Belinda Blinked Merchandise

There's some lovely stuff there and it all ships worldwide so everyone can enjoy it.

OK, why not join my sort of exclusive members only website, it only needs an email and I've got a litle special offer for anyone who does me a review on Amazon....

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Have you found Belinda's website yet? Have a look, she can be found at

Ohhh and as promised here's a shot of me in younger days! Ha ha ha ha ha...

Here's the source of Jim's secret.... Brazilian doctors packaging a special order for an American citizen waiting in the Amazon.

Lastly I have to give a big shout out to Erotic Review magazine for the wonderfully refreshing review of Belinda Blinked 1. Here's the link.

It's so good you don't even have to read the book! jus sayin.... Belinda asked me to include this link to Steeles Pots and Pans, just in case you wanted to invest in the brand... jus sayin, Steeles Pots and Pans

...and just to finish.... because you've been soooo gooood getting to the end... enjoy... href=""target="_new"> here's my LinkedIn profile...